Gonna need more museums

I went cherry picking on this impressive site and it appears that we guilty Americans need to build several more memorial museums. The totals for China and Russia/Soviet Union are incredible, what sorrow and loss. Some figures are war related, most are not.

  • India and China famines pre-1900, hundreds of millions
  • Ireland 1846–1851 1 million famine
  • China 1907 25 million famine
  • Russia 1921-1922 5 million famine
  • China 1928-1930 3 million famine
  • China 1931 3 million+ flood
  • Ukraine 1932-1933 8 million+ Soviet Union Holomodor famine
  • China 1936 5 million famine
  • China 1942-1943 3 million drought
  • Soviet Union 1941-1945 14 million Nazi Germany Hunger Plan famine
  • Soviet Union 1941-1945 3.3 million+ POWs Nazi Germany (out of ~5.7 million, 57%) 2.8 million in 6 months
  • Soviet Union 1941-1945 9 million+ Russia and East European countries
  • China 1958-1961 45 million+ starved and killed
  • Bengal 1943 2 million+ caused by Great Britan using Bataan, Singapore orders famine
  • Vietnam 1945 2 million+ Japan
  • Cambodia 1975-1979 2.5 million
  • Rwanda 1994 1 million Tutsi killed by Hutu

Mister White has a refreshing set of information and opinions in his site, such as the most under-rated events.

For dear friends, or “boon companions” as Stephen Foster called them

Excerpt from The South Country by Hillaire Belloc

If I ever become a rich man,
Or if ever I grow to be old,
I will build a house with deep thatch
To shelter me from the cold,
And there shall the Sussex songs be sung
And the story of Sussex told.

I will hold my house in the high wood
Within a walk of the sea,
And the men that were boys when I was a boy
Shall sit and drink with me.