‘splain this please

Is there any deciphering that can envelope the range or produce confident guidelines?

Step 1 click this https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries

Step 2 sort by Deaths / 1M pop by clicking twice on that column header

Step 3 consider, compare, and contrast the results, for starters,

  • Sweden and Belarus, no dramatic “lockdown” behaviors yet very different results.
  • Sweden and USA, very different behaviors with very similar results.
  • Japan and New Zealand, strict behaviors with very low deaths per million.

The results are all over the world and figurative maps! Then multiply that confusion by the errors in all of the count figures, raised to the power of the statistical uncertainty of {virus + antibody} test results. Consider the ages of the virus-related dead, 78 seems to be a popular average and 81% are over 65, and then compare to pre-2020 rates, causes, and expectancies.

How to behave, no matter where I live? Seems that the early advice of washing hands and avoiding sick people was decent….