WAR, with leaflets!

From late Fall 2014, it is clear that we were close to the Brink. KCNA keeps us informed. Update: KCNA site is geo-blocked, unfortunately, but you may try this web site.

This clearly indicates that the puppet authorities are the prime movers of the madcap leaflet scattering operations of human scum in south Korea.

As already disclosed, different ministries and agencies of the south Korean puppet regime are vying with each other to spend several millions of U.S. dollars for the leaflet scattering operations.

Military gangsters provided military backing to the leaflet scattering operations. Not only forefront units of the puppet army but also flying corps of its air force were put on emergency alert.

It is nonsensical, indeed, to have dialogue and discuss the issue of improving the north-south relations with such black-hearted guys.

The puppet group is getting frantic in its anti-DPRK human rights racket in international arena in collusion with the U.S. and desperately hurling human scum into leaflet scattering operations as part of its confrontation ruckus. This is aimed to escalate the confrontation with the north and ignite a war.