Incident in 1864: Pickett’s Mill, Georgia

Maj. Jonathan R. Kennard, age 38, was slightly wounded in the head.

Memphis Daily Appeal – Atlanta, Georgia – June 4, 1864

One little incident right here, so characteristic of the man. Major Kennard (of whom I have told you often, lately promoted), was as usual, encouraging the men by his battle-cry of, “put your trust in God, men, for He is with us,” but concluding to talk to the Yankees a while, sang out to them, “Come on, We are demoralized,” when the Major was pretty severely wounded in the head, though not seriously; raising himself up, he said: “Boys, I told them a lie, and I believe that is the reason I got shot.”

3Lt. Thomas J. Stokes, Co. I, 10th Texas Infantry – Life in Dixie During the WarMary Gay


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